-(madlylovely)- Summer is a feeling because you are water. 60%, in fact. When we’re in the water, we feel calm. Ocean, pool, or tub, where we find that feeling is entirely our own. And so are the rituals that get us there. However you get ready, we’re ready. This summer, we’re introducing our first limited edition shave set. Packed in a milky white waterproof pouch, the set includes everything you need before, during, and after you shave, including a new summer razor hue: Pool Blue. To round out the set—and your beach bag—we partnered with our favorite New York Times cruciverbalist (crossword engineer), Molly Young, to create a summer puzzle.



Available on for $20


  • Pool Blue Flamingo Razor
  • 2 German-Engineered Five
  • Blade Cartridges
  • Travel Size Foaming Shave Gel
  • Travel Size Body Lotion
  • Shower Holder
  • Travel Bag


About Flamingo

Flamingo designs body care products for daily discomforts, elevating the parts of our routines that don’t get a lot of prime time attention. We’ve created a holistic suite of high-quality, effective products, starting with hair removal— because all women (really, all of us) have a relationship with body hair. Flamingo is available at and all Target stores nationwide.

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